Free haircuts! Local barbershop supports motorcycle accident survivor Blake Holmes by collecting tips

NEW HANOVER COUNTY (WWAY) — In honor of Motorcycle Accident Survivor Blake Holmes, the Queen Street Barbershop gave free haircuts to customers on a first come first serve basis, and collected tips.

All of those tips will go towards Holmes’ recovery.

He lost his left leg in a motorcycle crash on South Kerr Avenue back in November among other injuries.

He has been out of the hospital for almost a month now, and has since received an abundance of support from the community, including Queen Street Barbershop.

Barber Paul Vollmer says it did not take much for the shop to show their support.

“He’s always been a really good client, so whenever we heard that he was in an accident, it resonated with us. All of us here ride motorcycles as well, it could easily be any one of us, so we wanted to do what we could to give back,” Vollmer said.

If you would like to support Holmes, click here.

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