Full Belly Project creates hand washing system in Tanzania

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — A Wilmington non-profit has developed a way to ensure children in a part of Africa have access to water to wash their hands.

The Full Belly Project, with help from the Clifbar Family Foundation and the Jane Goodall Institute, sent volunteers to build hand washing systems in primary schools.

A Batish family selfie with the children of a Tanzanian primary school and a completed Full Belly Hand Washing Station. (Photo: The Fully Belly Project)

The group says because water is a limited and precious resource in developing countries, they have developed a Hand Washing Station made of recycled materials that uses 90-percent less water than other commonly used hand washing systems.

According to their news release, more than seven million children die annually from diseases that could’ve been prevented with regular hand washing with soap. In Tanzania, more than 85-percent of children go to school all day without a way to wash their hands.

The Batish family, of Wilmington, are Full Belly donors and volunteers who traveled to Tanzania to build the systems. They arrived July 24 and will return to Wilmington August 6.

The Batish Family, students and teachers from a Tanzania primary school, and Erasto Njavike from the Jane Goodall Institute’s Roots and Shoots Program proudly standing with a completed Full Belly Hand Washing Station. (Photo: The Full Belly Project)

“This kind of project is what Full Belly is all about. Not only are we distributing our products to those that need them most, but we are also giving someone, or family in this case, an experience in a developing country that will stay with them forever,” said Amanda Coulter, Executive Director of the Full Belly Project. “ Our work has always been two-fold: we better peoples’ lives around the world, but we also create global citizens through our volunteer program right here in Wilmington.”

The Full Belly Project was founded in Wilmington in 2003.

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