Girl, 11, publishes book about adoption

To write a book at any age is quite an accomplishment. Having a book published at the age of 11 is pretty extraordinary. One special little girl has done just that.

Heather Higgins is like any other fourth grader. She’s a girl scout, and loves to dance.

Heather is also adopted and has written a book about her experience called “The Foal That Doesn’t Have a Family.”

Heather said, “I wrote it to show other kids that if they have to go into adoption it should be fun and not scary.”

What makes Heather even more special is that she suffers from autism, auditory processing disorder and several motor skill delays.

Even with her disabilities, her new mom says Heather’s accomplished more than many people will in a lifetime.

Susan Higgins adopted Heather. She said, “She is totally beating the odds she has gone way beyond what anyone could imagine.”

Heather’s story symbolizing her life begins with a foal whose parents abandon him.
The foal is helped by a social worker who happens to be a cow.

Heather said, “It ends with the young horse being adopted with a new family.”

The foal lives happily ever, just like Heather.

Heather said, “It’s a very happy story and I hope everyone will like it.”

Starting Tuesday the book is available online at

Next month you will be able to purchase “The Foal That Doesn’t Have a Family” in name-brand bookstores.

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