GLOW Academy girls write letter to Vice President Harris asking to add her to Wall of Fame

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Motivated by their sisterhood, the girls of G.L.O.W. Academy are always told they can do anything.

The inauguration of the first female vice president on Wednesday solidified that mantra for many.

“It shows that it can happen and if I keep going for it then I can do it,” 9th Grader Jodie Lehmann said.

“Just know that she can do that, I can go into a field confidently being, ‘oh yeah I can become the CEO of that,'” 10th Grader Marie Castillo said.

Students like Lehmann and Castillo had a hand in writing a letter to Kamala Harris, asking her permission to add her to their “Wall of Fame” in their cafe. The wall currently features faces like Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Sonia Sotomayor, and Maya Angelou.

“These are women that we can look up to confidently knowing that they had a goal, they reached it and if we have a goal we can reach it too,” Castillo said. “There’s no one who can stop us, there’s no one who can undermine us because they did it even though all their struggles.”

Principal Laura Hunter acknowledges that she knows Harris’ permission isn’t needed, but wanted to give the girls an opportunity to write to Harris and tell her the impact she has had on them.

A high school sophomore, Castillo has hopes of pursuing a career in science, particularly the medical field. She says entering the male-dominated field is less intimidating knowing she has the support of G.L.O.W. behind her and women like Harris before her.

“Just because my skin affects how you perceive me, it doesn’t mean it can perceive how I work ethically, how I can do my job, and do it efficiently, and then I can beat you at your own game because you think that undermines what I can do,” Castillo said.

The girls are looking forward to a future that is female.

“I hope this is a normal occurrence of women being presidents and vice presidents and it will eventually just be normal,” Lehmann said.




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