Good samaritans recount helicopter crash rescue

OAK ISLAND, NC (WWAY) — The investigation continues into a helicopter crash off of Oak Island yesterday.

A private boat was the first to respond to the scene. Today we caught up with the good samaritans who pulled the victims out of the water.

“He was headed straight towards us actually,” Steve Peloza said. “A buddy who was on the boat said, ‘What’s he doing?’ And then Matthew said, ‘It looks like he’s fixing to crash.’ Well, by that time, sure enough he came down and slapped the water hard.”

It was then that the fishermen said their basic human instincts kicked in.

Peloza says they quickly moved toward the crash site and tied their boat to the helicopter.

A man, who we now know from the incident report was Will Mistrot, emerged from the water, but said the other victim was still under.

“I proceeded to take my shoes off, pull my wallet out and pull my pocket, knife out because he said she couldn’t get her seat belt off,” Peloza said. “About that time she came up.”

Camden Johnson said that victim, Marie Kajimoto, looked like she had suffered a concussion.

Peloza and Johnson pulled victims into their boat until water rescue arrived.

“I was honestly half expecting to see somebody not conscious or alive when we got to that helicopter,” Johnson said.

Both victims have been released from the hospital

The good samaritans say they want no credit.

“I feel like it’s what any other person would do,” Johnson said. “You see a helicopter crash you’re going to stop and make sure everyone’s alright.”

Witnesses on scene said they heard from responders that engine failure led to the crash.

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