Gov. Cooper calls allegations against McCrae Dowless ‘disturbing’

WILMINGTON, NC (WAWY) — Governor Roy Cooper shared his thoughts on the 9th District Congressional hearing during a visit to New Hanover County Tuesday.

On Monday, McCrae Dowless made it clear that he would not testify at the hearing.

Cooper calls the allegations disturbing, but he did not say whether he thinks there should be a new election.

Cooper wants to focus on making sure things like the absentee ballot process work better in the future.

“We need to make sure that more people can vote, and that we have less obstruction,” Cooper said. “But we also need to make certain that it is secure. This Board of Elections is supposed to take all of this information in, and they’re still testifying as we speak, and then make a decision about whether there is a new election.”

Cooper says he wants people to be able to trust the election process going forward. He says that if the board orders a new election, he will work to set that up.

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