Gov. Cooper calls voter ID amendment unnecessary, unconstitutional

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Governor Roy Cooper is holding his ground against the voter identification amendment that is still being battled over.

Starting in 2020 North Carolina voters will have to show identification when voting. Voters approved the amendment in November.

Cooper says we don’t need unnecessary, unconstitutional restrictions on people being able to vote.

He is trying to repeal the amendment. He says we should be making it easier for people to vote rather than harder.

Cooper says we should be able to trust in our election process, and he does not think this amendment is necessary.

“We need to make sure that we don’t have outside interference in our elections, and that we can trust what happens at the voting booth,” Cooper said. “I believe that we need to provide access to voting for people. More times for people to vote.”

Lt. Governor Dan Forest made the following statement in response the Cooper’s efforts to repeal the amendment:

“Governor Cooper swore to uphold the constitution. However, he is once again attempting to undermine the will of the people by using a single activist judge who says a constitutional amendment is unconstitutional.”

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