Grant awarded to improve Wi-Fi and security at Belville Riverwalk Park

Connect Grant
The Belville Riverwalk Park has received a grant to improve their Wi-Fi and internet security (Photo: Town of Belville)

BELVILLE, NC (WWAY) — FOCUS Broadband recently awarded the Town of Belville with a $25,000 Connect Grant to assist with enhanced Wi-Fi and security at the Belville Riverwalk Park.

These enhancements will have a tremendous impact for park visitors and will expand opportunities for education, commerce, and community engagement efforts for the Town of Belville, according to a press release.

Representatives from the Town of Belville applied for the grant to extend Wi-Fi throughout the Riverwalk Park and enhance security measures by adding park entrance/exit gates with phone line, radio, and license plate recognition and as well as adding additional security cameras throughout the park.

“The Town of Belville is excited to receive this grant from FOCUS Broadband,” Mayor Mike Allen said. “With this grant, we can encourage more educators to use the park’s outdoor classroom, attract more vendors for our community events and provide a much safer environment with the added security.”

In early 2018, FOCUS Broadband established Connect Grants to aid in costs associated with the delivery and utilization of FOCUS Broadband services used by local organizations who provide technology and economic initiatives which require connectivity. The grant program is a key element of FOCUS Broadband’s vision to improve internet access and increase the use of technology in areas served by the company.

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