Wisconsin man reunites with long lost siblings in Brunswick County

BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — It took half a century, but siblings who last saw each other as children were reunited.

“I’m telling you, this search is about 30 chapters deep. It’s crazy, but it’s here and it’s reality. This is what it’s all about, right here,” said Barry Minnich.

Minnich was just a child when he was adopted in Ohio. He now lives in the Green Bay, WI, area.

Fifty years after they were separated, Minnich, Tanya Pitman, and Elizabeth Beach were reunited in Supply on Tuesday.

“Very emotional. I’m gonna cry again,” said Beach.

“It’s closure, it’s peaceful, it’s closure, it’s like our missing link, everything is back the way it should have been, years ago. We got our brother,” said Pitman.

A family friend says Minnich tried for years to find his siblings, but it wasn’t until Senate Bill 23 modified the law in Ohio which opened the records of adoptions finalized between January 1, 1964 and September 18, 1996.

Now, the siblings hope that the laws can be changed across the country to help other people in their situation.

“They need to have something in place where the siblings have the right to say if they want to or not to meet because, as you know, children are innocent. It wasn’t our fault we were adopted or we were kept from our siblings,” said Minnich.

In the meantime, they say they have about five decades of stories to share with each other.

“We’ll never stay out of touch,” said Beach.

“We’ll be seeing each other a lot. We got a lot of catching up to do,” said Pitman.

Minnich simply added, “Fifty years.”

Tuesday also happened to be Pitman’s 53rd birthday and Beach’s birthday was a few weeks ago, so they celebrated with cake and ice cream.

The siblings are looking for another sister to reunite with. She was born in 1970 at Virginia Beach General Hospital and was given up for adoption at birth.


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