Groundbreaking ceremony held for Eden Village in Wilmington

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY)–Today a groundbreaking ceremony was held for what will soon be a tiny home community, with a goal of addressing chronic homelessness in the city.

“Watching the entire community come together for this, –the city is on board, the county is on board, and now we have this incredible group of folks out here celebrating with us. It’s a huge day for us, we’re so excited,” said Tom Dalton, Eden Village of Wilmington Founder.

Eden Village of Wilmington broke ground on what will be a $4.3 million project to build a 32-unit tiny home community, a plan that has been in the works since last year.

David Brown, one of the founders of the original Eden Village in Springfield, Missouri, talked about the benefits in providing people who are in the chronically homeless population with a safe community to live in.

“What is does is, it dignifies them. Our friend’s that have been homeless have no hope, so what we do is we give them some hope, give them a chance to change their lives,” said David Brown, founder of the original Eden Village.

Those who attended the groundbreaking ceremony were able to take a tour of a professionally decorated model tiny home, showcasing the layout of the homes that will sit in Eden Village.

There will be an onsite community center that will have a medical and dental clinic, social services offices, 24-hour laundry, computers with WiFi, and a kitchen and dining spaces for communal meals.

“What makes this work, the home is essential, but if you put somebody in a home and don’t have community – it don’t work. So, having the community and bring amenities to them is what makes this work. This is going to be a wonderful, wonderful village,” said Brown.

Eden Village of Wilmington recently launched its “Be The Key 2021 Match Challenge“, with a goal of raising $1.2 million that will fund the foundations for the tiny homes, and complete construction of the community center. This will impact the timeline of the project’s completion.

“We have every dollar matched up to $600,000, an incredible couple, –local couple, has come to the table and offered us this start, and then you got to get all the supplies in…so who knows with the supply chain. We’re hoping to have this thing up , with some folks in houses before it gets cold in 2022,” said Dalton.

The tiny homes that will sit in Eden Village are modular homes made in Laurinburg, that will be transported into the community four at a time, beginning in December.

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