Group promotes conservation benefits

PENDER COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — A North Carolina group is touting the importance of conservation to economic success.

Land for Tomorrow released its annual Green Book, which outlines how public dollars are spent on preservation county by county. In recent years this money has allowed land such as Shaken Creek in Pender County to be protected. That helps preserve very rare plant species, as well as keeping the Northeast Cape Fear River clean.
“All across southeastern North Carolina, acres and acres of properties have been protected through the Clean Water Management Trust Fund, and that means when you turn on a spigot in Wilmington, your water, instead of having maximum amounts of chemicals in it, you’re keeping that water clean so you don’t have to use lots of chemicals,” said Land for Tomorrow’s Debbie Crane.

While visiting Shaken Creek today, Land for Tomorrow replanted Venus Flytraps claimed from a poaching bust earlier this week. The land is home to many species of rare carnivorous plants.

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