Guests drown their sorrows with craft cocktails at immersive tiki bar

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Folks, I don’t think we’re in the Cape Fear anymore.

Built and designed by a former Disney Imagineer, the immersive tiki bar and theater, The Sorrow Drowner opened March of this year and treats dozens of guests to a fun tiki time every night.

“We are a restaurant, a bar, and a venue of entertainment,” said actor and Creative Director, Ashley Flowers. “So we have these three different elements working together every week to help produce magic on our weekend show night.”

The space itself used to house a dinner theater. Sitting on the corner of Dock and 10th Streets, the unassuming building functions as a bar during the week, but Friday and Saturday nights hosts vaudeville inspired shows that fill up quickly.

“Hopefully we can start taking some walk-ins soon,” Operating Manager Audrey Holloman explained, “but right now we are fully booked most Fridays and Saturdays at least two to three weeks out.”

The show features local performers, showcasing everyone from comedians to burlesque dancers.

“It’s giving our other entertainers and other weird talents the chance to showcase their craft and get paid for it,” Flowers continued.

And to welcome you into the Sorrow Drowner, characters like the Contessa bring your table drinks and you into the story.

“We are getting ready to open this evening. Unfortunately the rat monkey, Gerald got ahold of something in the infrastructure and we were closed for two weeks. Boo,” the ‘Contessa’ explained, referring to the Sorrow Drowner’s temporary closure after a leak. “But we are back this evening and I am so excited to welcome guests.”

A hidden gem known by only the best beachcombers, the Sorrow Drowner is one of a kind, and one of Wilmington’s most unique new offerings.

“And it changes every weekend. And that’s the best part.”

The Sorrow Drowner is open for shows Friday and Saturday nights at 7 and 10, but you’ll need to make reservations in advance. It’s open as a bar Sunday, Monday, and Thursday.

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