H2Go: General Assembly can’t flush us

LELAND, NC (WWAY) — H2Go, which provides water to northern Brunswick County, is reminding state lawmakers they cannot dissolve the utility, even as a petition by area residents tries to do just that.

In a letter to Sen. Bill Rabon, Rep. Susi Hamilton and Rep. Frank Iler, who each represent parts of H2Go’s service area, H2Go’s Board of Directors said a similar request from the Town of Leland in 2005 failed because research found the General Assembly cannot enact local legislation dealing with public health issues. The argument made back then and that the utility makes now is that the Brunswick Regional Water & Sewer District, now know as H2Go, was created to preserve and promote public health.

The letter says the current petition is due to H2Go’s plans to build a 4-million-gallon/day reverse osmosis water treatment facility in the area and stop buying wholesale water from Brunswick County Public Utilities, as it has done since 1985. The board says petitioners want the General Assembly to end the utility and turn its assets, debts and infrastructure over to the Town of Leland.

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