Health professionals talk vaccinations, break down evidence

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — To vaccinate, or not to vaccinate. The topic has drawn a lot of opinions and concerns from people around the country.

On Friday, UNCW hosted a panel to share the evidence behind vaccines. Panelists included UNCW professors and other health specialists in the community.

They talked about topics including the implications of vaccines, common concerns people have and even debunking some myths about vaccines.

April Bice was one of the panelists. She is an Assistant Professor at UNCW and a nurse practitioner.

Bice says she sees a lot of patients who are hesitant about vaccinating.

“They absolutely have an understandable right to be concerned because we’ve had over the past you know 20 years a lot of myths that have come out,” she said. “So some of the biggest hesitancies and myths that I see are one, people will tell me that they are fearful that vaccines cause autism. Two, they’re really concerned about what the additives or the adjuvants or the things inside of vaccines that they could cause problems with.”

Bice says you can always talk to your physician to learn more about vaccines.

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