High-tech glasses share the gift of sight

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Years ago, losing your eyesight meant a permanent condition with life-altering consequences.

But as many people in Calabash found out Thursday, that is not still the case for everyone.

“Once you’ve had something, and you don’t have it anymore, all you can think about is getting it back again,” said Mary Savino.

Savino has been losing her eyesight for ten years.

She says recently it’s gotten to the point that she can only make out shapes.

“We’re talking about you living, walking, seeing, breathing. smelling a flower and actually seeing how it looks. there’s no replacing it.”

Dr. Mary Sedgwick and the Calabash Lion’s Club put on an event at the fire department and invited the visually impaired to try out some high tech glasses that might help them see.

Sedgwick was an OBGYN in Asheville until she lost her sight 15 years ago.

In April of this year, she tried out eSight glasses for the first time.

“For the first time, I saw the beauty in my leader dog Lucy. I saw those soulful eyes looking back at me, and it was just so emotional and overwhelming, ” Segdwick said.

Since then, Sedgwick has been travelling all over North Carolina to share the gift of sight with others.

Of the 17 people in Calabash who tried them, 14 were able to see.

A deaf and blind man was able to see his social worker for the first time.

“When he saw his social worker sitting there with him, and actually saw her face and saw her making faces at him, that smile that came across his face was unbelievable,” Segdwick said.

The glasses cost $9,500 pair and while that may be more than some people can afford, Sedgwick believes everybody deserves to see.

“The next step is to reach out to the community, to do fundraisers, and to help these individuals to raise the money that’s needed so they can actually receive the gift of sight,” she said.

Sedgwick says if you are visually impaired and want to try out the glasses, you can contact her at drmary@marysedgwickmd.com or the eSight company directly.


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