40-year-old former teacher marries 16-year-old student

A South Brunswick High School coach married one of his young athletes. Local residents and administrators are speaking out.

Days after marrying her coach, 40-year-old Brent Wuchae, 16-year-old Windy Hager didn’t have much to say about the issue. Her neighbors did.

South Brunswick High School track coach Brent Wuchae and his young athlete, Windy Hager were married Monday.

Now neighbors of the newlyweds are talking about the news. Some say age is just a number and you can’t help who you fall in love with. But others, like Jack Baker, say the opposite. He’s a father of three and says parents should be able to trust their kids’ teachers to make better decisions.

Baker said, “It’s kind of scary that if you can’t trust the profession that you’re leaving your child with throughout the day, who can you trust?”

Administrators at South Brunswick High couldn’t speak openly about the issue but did say an investigation into the relationship was conducted earlier this school year.

No evidence of a relationship was found.

Teachers say Hager was a good student who stayed out of trouble. And while Wuchae had been suspended in early May, they say overall he was a good employee.

Although Wuchae has resigned from Brunswick County schools, administrators say they expect Hager to continue her education.

No word yet on whether she’ll return to South Brunswick High School.

View the interview with Windy’s mom, Betty Hager.

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