Holiday Miracles: Family Portrait

This holiday miracles recipient has survived breast cancer, bone cancer and lung cancer. When we walked into Renee Ballard’s office we came face-to-face with a whirlwind of positive energy.

Renee’s medical hardships brought about financial hardships, but this single mother of three now grown kids not only struggled through it — she gained spiritual strength from it.

Ballard said, “Just because you’ve been diagnosed doesn’t mean you have to lay down and die. And a lot of people do that. They hear ‘I have cancer’ and it seems like a death threat.”

You would think a woman who once had to sell her house to help fund her cancer battle would be asking for all manner of financial help, but no.

Ballard said, “My heart’s desire is to have a family photo session at the gallery at Matfair Portrait Innovation, and capture these precious moments of victory for all of us. While they were going through school I wasn’t able to afford their school pictures because I just didn’t have the money. It was expensive and their school pictures are the ‘proofs’ I kept and just didn’t turn back in. I know this isn’t an ordinary request but believe me when I say it’s a heart felt desire and my want for christmas for my family and I’m not able to do it again. I want to give this to my children, can you help me?”

Ballard credits her faith for her ability to beat cancer. She’s working on an inspirational book and has launched a healing ministry called lumps to laughter.

We’d like to thank our Holiday Miracles sponsors: SunTrust, Blitz Research, Home Mortgage of the Carolinas, Ronnie Alston Auto Sales and Chic-Fil-A.

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