Holiday Miracles: Holly and her daughters

Sometimes those closest to us inflict some of the deepest pain. Hardly a way to start our holiday miracle segment but precisely why Holly and her daughters are recipients.

These three didn’t move here by choice. They were relocated here by their state’s Office of Victims of Violent Crimes. They were victims of domestic abuse.

Such a betrayal by a husband and father has left deep psychological scars, but together they have struggled through it. Holly hopes others can learn from her experience:

“There is a way out. It’s scary but it was the best thing for us. Even though we had to move away and didn’t know anyone here. But we wouldn’t go back for anything.” 7:33

There have been medical problems and financial difficulties.

We helped with a gift card for groceries and presents for the girls: a new digital camera for Alyssa and a Nintendo for Mariah.

Holly’s request was all about taking care of her kids. The girls get it.

Alyssa said, “When I’m sad she makes me happy and she’s really fun.”

Mariah said, “I like who she is. I always look up to her. She always helps me through everything.”

Sometimes a parent has to wait a lifetime to hear that from a child. But these three have already weathered a lifetime of hardship that has brought them closer together at this special time of year.

“This is a miracle for us. Thank you very much,” Holly said.

Thanks to our holiday miracle sponsors: SunTrust, Home Mortgage of Carolina, Blitz Research, Ronnie Alston Auto Sales and Chic-Fil-A for helping us make this happen.

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