Holiday Miralces: Family gets new beds

Here at NewsChannel 3 we want to help make some holiday wishes come true. There are so many struggling families right here in our community, and this time of year can be especially hard.

NewsChannel 3 picked six families to help this season. One was a family of six that’s fallen on hard times. Wendy and Gary moved to Brunswick County this fall for his construction job, but shortly thereafter, his car broke down, and with no way to get to work, his income dried up.

The family fell behind on their storage unit payments, and everything they owned, from their beds to their family pictures, was sold at auction.

“It’s not been easy for nobody, like I say, we’ve been sleeping on a futon mattress, they’ve been sleeping on pallets out of blankets and stuff.”

Wendy saw our Holiday Miracles advertisement and wrote NewsChannel 3 for help: “Just to get any help we can for the kids, for them to get something for Christmas, would be, that would be a miracle Christmas for us.”

“When you’ve got kids… It would be different if it was just me and her, it wouldn’t be a problem for us, but when you’ve got a family, and the structure of the family starts falling apart, everybody’s at each others throats, because times are hard.”

Thanks to our business sponsors, and an unbelievably generous donation from Custom Home Furnishings, life is about to get a lot better for all of them. The company donated four beds, and personally delivered them to their home in Supply — much to the delight of three-year-old Chance.

Micheal Williams and Fred McBride enjoyed playing Santa, and knowing this family would have a comfortable place to sleep again.

On top of new beds we were also able to purchase gift cards for $250 at Toys-R-Us, $200 at Wal-Mart, $200 at Food Lion.

Gary said, “We’ve all pulled together, and it’s going to be OK. Like the kids always say and she always says, if God gets you to it, he’ll get you through it.”

Chance’s three older siblings were at school during this special delivery, and Wendy says she wanted them to be surprised when they walked in and saw their new beds.

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