Holly Grange gets lawyers involved over Tammy Covil’s website bashing her

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — According to Tammy Covil’s website, attorneys for her opponent Holly Grange have issued a cease and desist letter over the website Covil’s campaign paid for, linking Grange to the 2012 Benghazi attack.

Both women are running for NC House District 20. The race will be decided in Tuesday’s Republican primary.

The website, which uses Grange’s name as its domain, was published in February and claims that Grange’s company used a longtime confidant of Hilary Clinton to encourage Clinton to go to war with Libya, so that Grange’s company could profit from contracts with a new Libyan government.

The letter, issued by Grange’s attorneys on February 19, accuses Covil of publishing “false and defamatory information.” The letter denies that Grange had any dealings with the Clinton confidant or anything involving Libya.

The company, Osprey Global Solutions, referred to on the site made by Covil is owned by Holly Grange’s husband.

“These false accusations could have potential damage to my husband’s company, which is why we thought it was important to have our attorneys send this letter,” Grange said in a phone interview with WWAY.

The letter calls for a “review of actual facts” and for Covil to retract her statements unless she wants further legal action taken upon her.

Grange said she has not decided whether there will be any further legal actions at this point.

WWAY has reached out to Covil, but has not yet received a response from the candidate.

Covil has made an issue of Grange’s alleged ties to Sidney Bluementhal since Grange announced she would run against Covil for the House seat currently held by Republican Rick Catlin.





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