Home inspection integral in buying process

LELAND — The real estate business hit a few milestones in August — and not in a good way. Total US home sales fell to their lowest level in five years while the number of homes on the market rose to new heights.

Home sales in North Carolina followed the same trends with sales down 12 percent according to the North Carolina Association of Relators.

In Wilmington there was a two-percent sales increase in August compared with July, but a 16 percent decrease in sales compared with a year ago.

There are deals to be had but you have to know what you’re buying. One of many steps to take before buying a home is getting it inspected. You’ll want to make sure it’s a reliable, licensed inspector doing the work.

Before you buy a new home, you’ll want to make sure somebody like John Gainey sees it first. Gainey is a licensed home inspector. He took us through an inspection of a home in Leland.

Gainey said, “One of the safety items we look for in a home inspection of course is polarity and grounding… Make sure the cabinets are properly attached to the walls, because that can be a safety item if you load them down with heavy dishes.”

Gainey also recommends an anti-tip device for ovens and stoves. “There’s some discoloration here. Some of it can be related to UV but some of it can also indicate there’s been some water entry into this floor.”

“In newer homes you see the railings are basically connected here with pickets coming down the railings. Very solid, we look at it for structural integrity,” Gainey said.

Terri Allen is a realtor who says many people try to do their own home inspections. She says you may want to think twice before doing so.

Allen said, “You really need somebody that knows exactly what to check, and if there is a problem how to identify it and tell you what needs to be done.”

She and Gainey stress the importance of making sure your inspector is licensed.

You can find a list of licensed inspectors at http://www.nclhia.com/

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