Horse owner speaks out after concerns raised over health of animals

BOLIVIA, NC (WWAY) — A horse owner in Brunswick County is speaking out tonight after comments made on social media brought the treatment of her animals into question.

“I’d like to say I’m mad about it. But I’m no longer mad. I’m hurt,” said Nichole Wittkofsky, the owner of Heaven’s Horseshoe Farm.

After her horses walked in a Brunswick County Christmas parade, Wittkofsky started seeing posts on social media saying her horses looked too thin and sickly.

“My farm gets fed every day. Twice a day,” said Wittkofsky.

Now she is saying the online photos being shared are bullying.

“My horses colicked a few months ago and they all dropped weight. That’s to be expected. We are steadily putting it back on them. We are taking care of them. The vet was just out here, had their teeth all floated, had their shots done,” Wittkofsky said.

Bot a concerned horse owner who wished to remain anonymous said they are just trying to help.

“We don’t want to see her not have the horses, but we also want to see them taken care of. It is horrible to see any animal in that condition,” said the horse owner.

Brunswick County Animal Protective Services are now investigating the farm.

“My farm yes is still under investigation. They will continue to monitor until all of my horses weights come up to where they deem is ok. Which I don’t have a problem with,” Wittkofsky said.

She said she will continue to cooperate with APS. She said she just wishes people who have a problem would talk to her first and not spread things on social media.

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