Hospitality industry leaders discuss plans to move forward when short-term rental ban expires

NEW HANOVER COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — One place definitely opening for business is Carolina Beach. Friday, the short-term rental ban there expires.

It has left many in the hospitality industry with questions about how to move forward.

With a soon to be expired ban on short-term rentals, business leaders have been left to figure out what their “new” norm will be.

“None of us have ever done this before, so it’s all new, and we’re all figuring it out,” The Savannah Inn Owner Susan Riggs said.

Carolina Beach Mayor LeAnn Pierce said she believes this is a good time for hotels, motels, Airbnb’s, and other short-term rentals to reopen since it is not expected to be a busy weekend.

She said they are taking more of a phased in approach.

“To give us a week or two to learn what the issues are going to be, and to train our staff,” Pierce stated. “We need time to train our staff when we’re not busy on these heightened procedures that we’re going to implement.”

Thursday, the Pleasure Island Chamber of Commerce held a zoom roundtable meeting for professionals, where they discussed some of their common issues like cleaning protocols.

“I think that 24-hour hold in between rooms, so we are able to make sure all linens are washed, pillows, all surfaces are clean,” The Savannah Inn Manager Brittany Francis said.

They also talked about people wearing face masks in common areas.

“All of our staff will be in facemasks, whenever in public spaces with the guests,” Crestline Hotels & Beach Resorts Manager Tom Ullring said.

Groups of ten coming to vacation and more.

“We’re going to ask people to social distance, and police themselves and if you’re going to come to Carolina beach, those are the things we’re going to ask of you,” Pierce said. “Our hotel industry is going to be pretty strict on that, and I know our short term rentals, our vacation rentals, they’re all going to be really on those things. We don’t have to rent to you if you don’t follow the rules.”

The group also discussed an uncertain food supply on the island right now, and is asking visitors to bring their own.

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