How you can help Uvalde shooting victims and their families

The need is still great, and here's how you can help while making sure your money ends up in the right hands.

UVALDE, TX (CNN) — The community in Uvalde, Texas is still reeling from last week’s shooting at Robb Elementary School.

Many people are looking for ways to support the families of the victims and survivors.

From online fundraisers surpassing donation goals and a family-run company making custom caskets for the 19 victims at no cost, to an anonymous donor paying funeral expenses for every family, there has been an outpour of national support for these families.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott stated, “You can do your part to help out the people in this community that are suffering in incalculable ways.”

The need is still great, and here’s how you can help while making sure your money ends up in the right hands.

First: The Robb School Memorial Fund is an official account started by the First State Bank of Uvalde.

Governor Abbott has announced the Onestar Foundation will also give 100% of the donations collected to that fund.

To help cover medical expenses, consider giving to “University Health” San Antonio.

They’ve created the “Uvalde Victims Relief Fund” to support families while their loved ones are at the University Hospital.

You can also support online fundraisers.

GoFundMe has set up an online hub of verified campaigns, but just like with any other fundraiser, The Better Business Bureau recommends making sure it’s verified to avoid a scam.

And it’s not just money that is needed.

The community has a huge need for blood donations and legal assistance.

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