Jingle all the way

If you work or shop at Wal-Mart in Wilmington, you’ve probably already met Julian Luna. He’s pretty hard to miss.

The Salvation Army bell-ringer has been spreading his Christmas spirit outside Wal-Mart since November 18th. He works six days a week and sometimes up to thirteen hours a day.

“I’ve seen him for the last month and a half and every time I see him he’s dancing and singing–just over the top!” said Wal-Mart customer Jennifer Berg.

“I think he’s the greatest!” said Emanuel Chiarchiaro, a Wal-Mart employee. “There should be more bell ringers like that. I even gave extra because of his bell ringing.”

“It’s fun for me,” said Luna. “I have the Christmas spirit, and I’m doing it to help support all the poor people out there, for those in need, especially for the little boys and girls who doesn’t have nothing.”

“Only when my driver or my boss shows up and tells me ‘lets pack it up,’ that’s when i stop ringing the bells,” he added.

Last year Luna collected over fifteen thousand dollars in donations–the most in the area.

“He really does have the Christmas spirit,” said Wal-Mart Customer Naoemi Sutton. “He’s full of life, joy, happiness and it looks like he’s full of love too.”

“We need more of it,” said Berg. “People need to be more like that and not thinking about what they can’t have and thinking about what they do have.”

On Christmas Eve, Luna will put his bell away until next year.

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