Joyces still contend ILM barking up the wrong tree

It has been going on for nearly a week now, and it looks like it’s going to end in a lawsuit.

The man who has been camped out in his giant oak tree to save it from being cut down is back on his branch, and on Monday, protesters joined the rally.

ILM officials say they are obligated to the safety of its passengers, and by a grant from the F.A.A., to remove the trees.

A spokesperson for the airport says they have decided to file a lawsuit against the family this afternoon to remove Charlie Joyce, Jr. from the tree for interfering with the construction work.

“Trees, they give us life basically. They give us shade, they give us beauty, need I say anything more? Trees are valuable, what they’re doing is an injustice; an old man was duped, completely bamboozled into this and look the beauty is gone like a leaf in the wind, it’s cruelty,” said Carolina Altunyay of Wilmington.

“I at least hope that through my actions the people of New Hanover County will realize that we need better tree conservation laws,” Charlie Joyce, Jr. said from the tree on Monday.

ILM is required by the F.A.A. to have the tree removed by September, but they’re hoping to cut it down much sooner.

The Joyce family was paid $44,000 in exchange for cutting down the trees. Charlie Joyce, Sr. claims he was essentially tricked into signing the papers.

There was talk today of 86-year-old Charlie Joyce, Sr. taking his son’s place in the tree.

Charlie Joyce, Jr. says he has repeatedly asked airport officials to merely trim the top of the tree, but they say that is absolutely not an option.

As for the lawsuit, ILM says they plan to hold the Joyce family financially accountable for any delays in the project, which could include any protesters who stand in their way.

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