Judge Jolly and D.A. David hug and make up over traffic court issues

BOLIVIA, NC (NEWS RELEASE FROM DISTRICT ATTORNEY JON DAVID’S OFFICE) — Last week Judge Jerry Jolly and I met to discuss implementation of the new statewide law requiring that infraction courts be put in place no later than October 1, 2011.

Together we were able to come to a consensus regarding the best way to reintegrate this worthy program back into our criminal justice system.

In the near future, Judge Jolly and I have agreed to meet with leaders in Columbus and Bladen to discuss traffic court in their counties.

I am encouraged by the fact that we were able to work well together on this matter and I look forward to working with Judge Jolly in the future on other issues of mutual concern.

Because our case is still pending in the Supreme Court, I am limiting my comments about Judge Jolly’s Administrative Order of April 15, 2011.

Again, I am pleased that Judge Jolly and I were able to come to an agreement which will benefit both the court system and the community at large.

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