Juneteenth Festival

WILMINGTON–Juneteenth celebrates freedom from slavery. Out of respect for Black culture, 85 year old Elnita Jones made sure she got a front row seat at the parade.

“I have the respect and the love for everything that has to do with our culture.”

But sadly, She and the few that came out were disappointed at the lack of participation along the curb. Jones was hoping the parade would be educational.

“To help them understand where they came from and how they got to where they are.” Jones says.

After the parade, the celebration continued at Robert Strange park. More people attended the festivities which brought out the true meaning of Juneteenth.

Juanita Fennel says, “It brings our community together as one and it let’s us know that this is like a freedom day for us that we all can come together both black and white.”

Overall, organizers were pleased with Saturday’s turnout, but hope next year’s Juneteenth is bigger and better.

If you would like to help out or have ideas for next years Juneteenth you can contact Marsha Graham-Ali at 910-371-1610.

For more information about the history, go to www.juneteenth.com

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