JUST ADD HOPE: Business turns trash into treatment for breast cancer patients

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Pink dumpsters are not the norm, but one Wilmington company is trying to make that happen.

Coastal Ladies Carting is an all-in-one trash company that handles solid and liquid waste and recycling needs. But the pink dumpsters don’t stop there. The trash turns into cash for those diagnosed with breast cancer.

“I was still recovering from breast cancer myself,” Coastal Ladies Carting founder Kelly Buffalino said. “I’m a two-year survivor.”

Buffalino is now cancer-free, but she wants to help the men and women who are still fighting the disease.

She and her husband Chris moved here from New York to own and operate an apartment complex and soon learned the trash service was kind of stinky.

“We were a bit disenchanted by the charges we were incurring with the apartment complex, so we decided to start our own trash company,” Buffalino said.

Coastal Ladies Carting is trash with a twist. Their dumpsters and trucks are pink, and one percent of every invoice goes to the Pretty in Pink Foundation. While other cancer foundations focus on prevention and education, Pretty in Pink comes in after the diagnosis has been made.

“Once someone is diagnosed, the expenses are just astronomical,” Buffalino said. “I know that from personal experience, and up to 20 percent of the residents of North Carolina do not have enough insurance to cover themselves for being afflicted with cancer.”

Thanks in part to Coastal Ladies Carting, Pretty in Pink helps women and men pay for surgery, chemo and radiation.

“This has a very sincere touch to it. I mean, all of us are affected with cancer some way, shape or form,” said Paul Campagna, Coastal Ladies Carting’s sales director.

The Coastal Ladies Carting crew is proud to say that all proceeds stay right here to help the women and men living with breast cancer in southeastern North Carolina.

“We hope to see pink dumpsters everywhere, because we are a small community-owned company that gives back to the community, and we’d like to keep it that way,” Buffalino said.

Coastal Ladies Carting works primarily in the commercial setting, but hopes to serve residential areas soon.

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