JUST ADD HOPE: The Mail Room helps teachers stretch tight budgets

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — We often hear from viewers who want to see more coverage of the positive things going on in our community. In an effort to do that, we’re showcasing The Mail Room, which is a Wilmington business all about giving back with what they have.

“My daughter was a teacher, and we know from that experience how much they have to pull out of their own pockets to buy supplies for their classes,” Mail Room owner Calvin Barnes said. “That is what inspired us to do the program.”

Barnes has been giving 100 free copies to teachers every Friday for the past three years. His daughter Penny Philligin taught elementary school for eight years and said she’s happy to help because she knows it’s helping the children.

“This feels really good to be able to help out and give back and ensure that the students are taken care of,” Philligin said.

Philligin and her father have made more than 100,000 copies for hundreds of teachers over the past three years, and they don’t have any plans on turning the machine off.

“Whatever size your class may be, especially in kindergarten, we make a lot of books, and so of course it takes a lot of little pages to compile and make these books for the children,” Holly Tree Elementary Teacher Susan Harriss said.

Harriss has been teaching for 37 years and says teachers use paper every day for every thing. This simple act of kindness from The Mail Room means a lot to her and her colleagues.

“We were so excited last year when Calvin offered the 200 free copies, which will be Friday, and they were like hustling over there,” Harriss said. “It was like Grand Central Station with the teachers and with their books with the sheets they needed to copy.”

Harriss is talking about the Double Copy Day Barnes does on the first Friday of every school year. He invites all teachers to come out this Friday for 200 free copies.

“I feel like if you’re doing well in business, you ought to give back a little bit,” Barnes said. “I challenge any other businesses to help the teachers out, too, because they need it. Their budgets have been cut dramatically, and it’s gonna get cut again this year.”

Teachers can get 200 free copies this friday and 100 free copies every friday after that.

The Mail Room doesn’t just help teachers. If you’re unemployed and looking for a job, they’ll fax or copy ten free resumes for you. They also give a 20-percent discount on packages shipped to troops.

For more information, visit The Mail Room online at http://www.mailroomshipandprint.com/.

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