You will have to pay to park in Kure Beach starting in April

KURE BEACH, NC (WWAY) — The decision was three years in the making. On Friday, Kure Beach announced they would move forward with paid parking on April 1.

Kure Beach was one of the last remaining beach towns to make the move in North Carolina. They, as well as North Topsail Beach, cited the pandemic and influx of visitors it brought as some of the deciding factors.

Starting April 1 through September 30, visitors will pay $5 an hour or $20 a day to park at Kure Beach.

The town adopted both rates from Carolina Beach’s existing policies.

Mayor Craig Bloszinsky said this could take some of the pressure off residents and law enforcement as summer approaches.

“So the intent is, instead of putting all the parking costs on the residents, it should be shared with the individuals who also enjoy the resources of the town,” Bloszinsky explained.

To enforce the new parking procedures, visitors will receive a ticket they can pay online if they don’t pay for their parking spot. If they return with unpaid balances, officers will boot their car until they pay a $50 fee on top of unpaid tickets.

Though resident parking pass prices were discussed extensively, they along with church parking and parking for businesses have been tabled until the next meeting.

The Town of Kure Beach will meet again Monday at 4 pm.

For more information, visit here.

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