Kure Beach considering charging for parking

KURE BEACH, NC (WWAY) — The Town of Kure Beach is considering making big changes for the future.

“I would argue that you can’t maintain the nature of our community if you don’t do something to control the parking,” one resident said.

The beach is the last in New Hanover County to offer free parking and that could soon be changing.

“We want to maintain the character of our beach. So, paid parking is something many of us want to see implemented,” resident Debbie Leonard said.

With the growing population and attraction to the area, locals say income from paid parking could allow more beach beautification and building of things like bath houses for tourists.

“God made this beach, we all need to enjoy it and have the ability to enjoy it.” Leonard said. “But that comes at a price for our town to clean up behind some of the people who come in.”

Based on the crowd that gathered on Saturday morning, the response was unanimous when Mayor Craig Bloszinsky asked if residents favored moving to paid parking.

The answer was yes.

The mayor says the question now isn’t whether or not to do it, but why?

“Why do you want to do it? There’s bad reasons to do it,” Mayor Bloszinsky said.

He emphasized this was not to drive away tourists.

“Tourists are wonderful people, we need tourists,” he said.

Mayor Bloszinsky says the beach itself does not belong to them, but–

“We do and can protect our infrastructure and make sure that is respected because of the cost required to make it available to people who want to visit the beach,” he said.

Another town hall meeting will be held Wednesday, January 15 at 6pm. Mayor Bloszinsky said no major moves have been made yet, but we could be seeing these changes as soon as next year.

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