Kure Beach mayoral candidates discuss big beach issues

KURE BEACH, NC (WWAY) — As Election Day draws near, the Kure Beach town mayor candidates were featured in a public forum Wednesday night. And members of the community brought up some very controversial issues. Kure Beach’s candidates debated the top issues facing their beach community.

Incumbent Dean Lambeth debated against Town Commissioner Emilie Swearingen. Some of the most talked about topics were beach parking, infrastructure and seismic testing and off shore oil drilling. The candidates’ opinions varied when it comes to the controversial topic of seismic testing and off-shore oil drilling.

Lambeth says there isn’t much the town can do .

“The seismic testing, if they do it for oil and gas, will be 50 miles off our coast, it’s a federal deal we don’t have anything to do with it,” said Lambeth.

Swearingen says off shore oil drilling does more damage than good.

“Off-shore oil is a big issue because it’s not if we have a spill, it’s when we have a spill. It would hurt our economy tremendously but most of all it will destroy our quality of life,” said Swearingen.

As far as local issues like beach parking, Lambeth says the council is getting close to making a decision to charge for parking, modeling Wrightsville Beach’s parking. Swearingen says there needs to be more done as far as parking goes, they have to continue to look for solutions.

Election Day is November 3.

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