Large Leland flag flying again

LELAND, NC (WWAY) – The flag has blown up quite a lot of controversy this summer, but it’s finally over. The Buy N’ Go Gas Station gets to fly its American flag the Town of Leland originally said was too big.

“It’s a disgrace to say any flag is too big to be flown anywhere,” one customer told us today.

For them and Buy N’ Go owners, it was a fight they were willing to make. This summer, the store was told the flag violated a town ordinance. It was too big and needed to be taken down. The store eventually replaced it with a smaller flag, but something was off.

“It didn’t look right on that big pole. It just didn’t look right,” said Assistant Manager Elizabeth Meadows. “The customers would say, ‘that don’t look right, get your big one back up there.'”

About six thousand people signed a petition to change the rule and get the big flag back. “We would have them come in just to sign the petition,” Meadows told us. “You’d ask them where they’re from and it would be Jacksonville, it would be Myrtle Beach. We did it for the people, did it for the country, did it for everybody.”

Thursday night, in a four to one vote, the town council opted to change the ordinanace and allow the 20 by 30 foot flag to fly on its 60-foot pole…once again. The smaller flag is now on display on top of the cigarette shelf.

Buy N’ Go Gas managers say they absolutely did not do this for the advertising. They said they fought for their flag because they felt it was the right thing to do.

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