Leland Police adds new technology to assist with arrests made in town limits

Leland, NC (WWAY)– The Leland Police Department can now fully process a person in house that has been arrested in the town without having to make a trip to the Brunswick County Sherriff’s Office in Bolivia. This is thanks to new technology in the department.  

The new technology within the police department of Town Hall includes a video magistrate system, an automated fingerprint identification system, and an intoximeter.  

The most significant piece of technology to the department is the video magistrate system. With this, they can securely video call a court magistrate to obtain the necessary processing paperwork, like arrest warrants, magistrate’s orders, or involuntary commitment paperwork. It also enables them to bring a suspect before an officer of the court for the service of a process. 

“Having this technology and being able to use it without having to make that drive has been a huge benefit to our agency. It’s not a service that just benefits our staff singularly, it’s also something that will assist other agencies here inside of the county.”  

Chief Humphries says that safety of the town is always a priority, so being able to keep officers inside the city limits is a great way of enhancing that, and also wants other agencies to be aware that these resources are available to utilize when needed. 

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