Committee debates how Cape Fear Crossing could impact safety

LELAND, NC (WWAY) — Talk about the Cape Fear Crossing continues and this time, the conversation was about safety.

The Leland Public Safety Committee talked about the issue for the first time at a meeting Tuesday afternoon.

Committee members emphasized that it’s still pretty early on in the process, so without one definitive route, it’s still pretty hard to tell how the crossing could pose safety issues.

The committee talked about concerns for one route that would expand U.S. Highway 17. Some people were worried that this would cause even bigger traffic issues.

Most people agreed that at this point, it’s still hard to tell how the Cape Fear Crossing could affect things like traffic, emergency response time and the rate of car accidents.

“Hopefully we’re going to have some citizens here tonight to bring things up, and I think that we’ll bounce ideas back and forth on the public safety committee, work with Leland staff and come up with recommendations that we feel would be important to be passed on to staff and the state,” Committee Chairman Dennis Michaliga said.

Michaliga says he knows each route would impact people differently.

No decisions were made at the meeting. Michaliga say the committee’s goal is to come up with recommendations about safety concerns and share those with Town Council.

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