Leland town manager: new contractor ‘ahead of schedule’

LELAND, NC (WWAY) — Leland Town Manager David Hollis said the new project to complete what he calls defects in the new town hall building are ahead of schedule.

The original project broke ground in 2012, with an estimated completion date in September of 2013. When the project did not meet that deadline, it was extended to a new date of January 2014. After that, a final extension was set for August of 2014. When that wasn’t met, the relationship between the original contractor and the town began to fracture.

The original contractor disagrees with the complaints and has told WWAY that the reason why town officials have not moved in is due to management issues, not what the town manager calls building defects.

The lone bid estimated the project at more than $457,000. Town leaders have said they only have $200,000 remaining from the original budget, but they have the money to cover the remaining balance in their budget and with the help of drug seizure money.

Hollis said these setbacks have cost about $250,000 in repairs and renting the town’s temporary buildings like the police department.

“The staff are anxious to get in the building, the counsel members are anxious to get in this building, so that anxiety has been building for a while,” Hollis said. “But I think it’s plateaued because there’s work that has to be done. But everybody is glad to see the progress being made.”

Hollis said they expect the completion date to be in June.

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