Letters, e-mails and texts give insight into relationship between teen and her coach

We’re learning more about a Brunswick County teenager who married her 40-year-old track coach this week. How did this relationship evolve?

Sixteen-year-old Windy Hager’s mother gave NewsChannel 3 copies of e-mails, phone records and letters. They all document the relationship between their daughter, and the high school coach more than twice her age. It’s enough to give any parent cause for concern. Phone records that show text messages between Coach Brent Wuchae and a then, 15-year-old, Windy Hager in this instance, more than 60 times in a single month. Some of those texts were sent at 3 o’clock in the morning. Then, there’s the e-mails. Windy writes to her coach venting that her mother is trying to stop their relationship.

"I don’t think it’s her business," Windy writes. "Personally, if you’re my best friend, and I consider you my big brother, she should back off." In other e-mails Windy’s parents shared with NewsChannel 3, she writes to a friend, "He is the apple of my eye. I’ve never felt this way for someone, but I just don’t want to lose him because of my parents’ power trips."

It was exchanges like these that had Windy’s parents worried sick. "Keep your children close," Betty Hager, Windy’s Mom said.

"You think your kids are safe at school and church functions but we can tell you for a fact they’re not." Betty Hager says word got back to Coach Wuchae that Windy’s parents were suspicious of the relationship. That may be why he wrote them this letter, explaining his side of the story.

Wuchae writes: "Never once have I crossed the line. I truly promise our bond is nothing but a strong friendship. I would not betray your trust or put myself in any situation that would jeopardize my career or solid reputation. Windy and I are only friends and that is all it will ever be."

Windy’s parents thought all along a far different relationship was occurring. Suspicions that were only confirmed when the coach resigned and married their daughter on Monday. "He would not stay away from our child," Hager said.

"If he ever said he tried, the fact that he was married to her, proves that that wasn’t true." NewsChannel 3 went by the house the newlyweds are sharing today. Windy was there, and so was Brent. But when asked for an interview Wuchae, he said his lawyer had advised him not to comment.

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