Lights, camera, action! Could Hollywood East be back?

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Wilmington is making a name on the call back sheet and film leaders are hopeful Hollywood East will become a star, again.

With a $34-million film grant in the pot this year, Bill Vassar, Executive Vice President of Screen Gems Studios, is ready to get these sound stages filled.

“I wanna get busy again and in response to our aggressive marketing in the last few weeks it has been very, very good and we’re hearing from a lot of old friends,” Vassar said.

This grant program is a little different than it has been in the past, the $31-million in recurring funds is the lead role.

Wilmington Regional Film Commission Director Johnny Griffin hopes the grant goes up even more to help maintain the potential productions that could call Wilmington home.

“The recurring funding that we have is also positive for our clients to see some stability going into the future and know that if they have television series or long running projects that the commitment is here going forward for them to be able to stay here to continue to do business here,” Griffin said.

The goal is to have long term productions to help Hollywood East once again live up to its name.

“We’ve got to build that back up again and that’s gonna take a little while, but again this gives us the stability to touch our clients, to reach out to them and show them that there is a commitment here and to see if we can get that business back,” Griffin said.

The grant is 34-million this year because of money leftover from the last fiscal year. From here on out it will be 31 million dollars.

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