Limited parking at Laney and Hoggard creates issues for students and parents

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Construction projects are pumping the brakes on student parking at two New Hanover County schools. New gyms at Laney and Hoggard are taking up hundreds of parking spaces on campus. Now parents and students are looking for alternative ways to get to school.

Dave Spencer, New Hanover County Schools’ director of safety, said construction on both campuses has caused the schools to lose hundreds of parking spaces. He said Laney lost about 100 spots and Hoggard lost about 200, leaving no room for any sophomores.  Some juniors and senior were also left out.

“We’ve lost some parking spots,” said Spencer. “When you run out, you run out.”

Jadra Newman will only be a freshman this year.  She said her parents work, so they were counting on her brother, who will be a junior, to drive them to school.

“It’s kind of like disappointing because I thought I would have a ride to school with my brother,” said Newman. “He waited in line on the first day and ended up not getting a parking pass so I don’t have a ride.”

Sharon Dousharm, Laney principal, said they understand it’s inconvenient but they just don’t have the space.

“Laney is overdue, way over due for a nice gym. The building was built in ’76,” said Dousharm. “That’s the exciting part and the sacrifice is losing some parking.”

The schools do have a waiting list for parking passes and they expect some spots to open up at the beginning of next semester.

The gym projects are expected to be completed some time during the 2017 and 2018 school year.

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