Local business owners talk about National Women’s Small Business Month

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) —This month it’s all about female power and entrepreneurship, it’s National Women’s Small Business Month. Many women owned small businesses in Wilmington are sharing what this month means to them.

This month highlights the benefits and diversity small businesses owned by women bring to communities.

Betsy Kahn is the owner of Copycat Print Shop, a business that has served the community for more than 50 years. Kahn took the business over from her father in the 80’s. She says she is thankful to have a small business providing services in an industry that is male-dominated.

“We do have different perspectives, and it’s not as easy for any minority to get a leg up these days,” said Betsy Kahn.

Brooke Skipper started her business “Vent Ninjas” in May, a professional duct cleaning and dryer vent cleaning business. She said she has seen overwhelming support from the community and other local women business owners since opening.

“It’s awesome, and women do a great job of supporting one another too. Whether, you know, you’re in the same type of industry or another industry. I’ve got a great network of other women who own businesses in town or are managers,” said Brooke Skipper.

Brittney Brown has owned Verzaal’s Florist and Events for four years, a business that has served the Cape Fear community since 1931, and she loves the benefits that come with being an entrepreneur.

“Being, you know, independently owned, women there’s advantages to that. One for me is raising my family in the business. My husband helps me, and mom, and my baby girl  comes to work with me every day. So it’s just really, really, cool,” said Brittney Brown.

Kahn said her business has seen the support from women business owners across the state, and she also offers her support to them as well.

“I have had recently, people seek me out, –seek us out just to do business with us, because we’re woman owned. One was probably about a month ago, a real estate agent up in the Raleigh vicinity said ‘I want to do business with you, because you’re a woman owned and I’m woman owned’, and it’s really heartwarming, it makes me feel very good,” said Kahn.

The Wilmington Chamber of Commerce has a list of 51 woman-owned businesses in the area.

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