Local businesses see impact of high egg prices

LELAND, NC (WWAY)– Some bad, and some and good news when it comes to rising egg prices. 

Crystal Buie, Owner of Sugar Crystals Baking Company in Wilmington, says the increase in eggs prices has had a negative effect on their bottom line, but she says it will not affect their product.   

“It has been extremely impactful. Last year at this time I was paying between 82 cents to a dollar a dozen. Now the best I can find is 30 for $8.99. We’re not going to allow the increases to jeopardize or impact our desserts in a negative way,” said Buie.  

Over on the farm, where eggs get their start, Huckleberry Grove Farm in Leland says they’re is seeing a positive impact. That begin a big increase in demand for their eggs.  

“I’ve had several people, at least ten, who have said if you have room on your list, I want to get on there,” said Beth Pence of Huckleberry Grove Farm.   

Although, The Pence Family has kept consistency when it comes to pricing.   

“I haven’t raised my prices. They’re five dollars a dozen, they always have been. So, we’ve found that more and more people have been contacting us hoping to get on that list because they can get super fresh eggs for cheaper than they can get at the grocery store, or even at the same price. But they’re eggs that were laid yesterday or even the day before,” said Beth Pence.  

The prices of eggs aren’t expected to crack anytime soon, but these local businesses plan to keep their promise to the community despite the challenges.  

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