Local child is 1 of 6 kids living in NC with an adult pacemaker

HAMPSTEAD, NC (WWAY) — It started like any other morning. But, it turned into a day that would change Kimberly Fisher’s life. Her happy, healthy daughter didn’t feel well, so Kimberly told her to stay home from school.

It wasn’t long before her daughter, Riley’s, condition worsened and her mom took her to New Hanover Regional Medical Center. Riley began having seizures…and the pair never made it to the hospital. Instead, her daughter was taken by air to doctors.

Now together, Kimberly and Riley want to raise awareness and money for other children fighting heart problems. Kimberly details her emotional journey for Good Morning Carolina. Riley opens up too…telling the story from her eyes later today on WWAY News Channel 3. In the meantime, hear from her mother and South Topsail Gym teacher to learn how the community is rallying around the family.

And in return…Riley is helping others.

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