Local church sends truckload of water to Flint, Michigan

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — A truckload of water is beginning the journey from Wilmington to Flint, Michigan thanks to St. Luke A.M.E. Zion Church.

Pastor Jermaine Armour said he saw a need for help in Flint and decided to do something about it. Flint has gained national attention after a switch in water services lead to lead-contaminated water.

“So when the initiative went out, we heard about cities collecting water all over the world and we decided to get involved,” Armour said. “More people heard about it and water began just to pour in.”

The church’s call quickly spread throughout the Wilmington area and Armour said they have received water from restaurants, daycares, and various organizations. Armour estimates a total of nearly 200 cases of water collected in a little over a week.

“Anything that we can do to revive the community, to make it better,to lift the load, to help somebody carry a burden, that’s what we’re all about,” Armour said.

Once the the water arrives at Blackwell A.M.E Zion Church a team will distribute the water door-to-door to Flint residents.

“It’s not even religious-based, they’re walking door-to-door to whoever needs water so that we can make sure the children in the communities are not drinking the lead water, but drinking the right water they need to drink,” Armour said.

Members at St. Luke said it’s their mission to give back to the  Wilmington community and anywhere else they see a need.

“We try to do everything possible to provide and give back to the community because we know the community will give back to us as a church,” said member Pamela Evans.

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