Local gas stations still in need of specific fuel grades

BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) —It’s been one week since Colonial Pipeline announced its return to operations following a ransomware cyberattack, which resulted in gas shortages across the southeast. Local gas stations are now getting fuel, but some still experiencing issues.

According to many gas stations, they are still receiving calls from drivers, asking if they have specific fuel grades, as they continue to receive deliveries.

Most gas stations in Brunswick County, now have 87 grade fuel, but some are in need of diesel, and others need midgrade and premium gas.  Stations say this is because of a delay in deliveries, which Colonial Pipeline said could happen as their operations return to normal.

One gas station assistant manager says her location does have gas, but they only have 87.

“Premium and Mid-grade, we have not seen that in about almost two weeks, we haven’t gotten any deliveries, and what it really is, is the main, like the manufacturers and everything, they haven’t gotten it either,” said Tasheena Williams, Han-Dee Hugo’s assistant manager in Leland.

Becky Ferguson, district manager with Holt C Store, says many of the stations in her district have gas at the pumps.

“It was rough last week, but this week we’re actually doing pretty good. I believe most of our stores have fuel now in the ground,” said Becky Ferguson, Holt C Store
district manager.

Ferguson said many of those stations had gas delivered within the past 2 days, with one still in need of diesel fuel.

“We kind of found out a little bit more last minute, when they’re coming for sure, that we’re getting a confirmation. Several of the stores that got diesel, just received it either this morning or yesterday, and then the same with premium, either yesterday or this morning. So, I look for possibly the store that, you know, is running low on these or almost out, probably will receive a delivery within the next day or so,” said Ferguson.

Some gas stations are still not sure when they can expect to see their next fuel delivery.

“We get our gas based out of Clinton, so ours will start kind of flowing back to normal within like maybe a week or two. Hopefully not two, but maybe a week or so,” said Williams.

According to GasBuddy, as of today, 42% of North Carolina’s Gas stations are still without fuel.

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