Local group files complaint against three former Wilmington police officers

NEW HANOVER COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — A local organization filed a federal complaint against three former Wilmington Police Officers fired for making racist comments.

The group is taking extra measures to get access to the full transcript.

They say residents deserve transparency and should know exactly how the officers felt about serving the community.

“This is mainly listening to the hate and the confidence in these guys’ voice. They felt perfectly comfortable about saying we want to start a race war,” Civil Rights Attorney Alan McSurely said.

He added, when these types of conversations are recorded, not only should action be taken, but people should be made aware of all the details.

“We got these three guys on tape. How many other people in the police department feel that way? McSurely said. “Just were unlucky talking about it on tape.”

Monday morning the NC Clergy Truth and Reconciliation Mission announced they would be filing a federal complaint against former Wilmington Police Officers Kevin Piner, Jesse Moore, and James Gilmore.

The officers were fired for using racial slurs and hate-filled speech accidentally caught on a police car’s camera.

Pastor Kojo Nantambu said they want the community relations service, a component of the U.S. Department of Justice to launch an investigation.

“We can’t do it ourselves, so we are asking them to do it. But we want the community to know we want the world to know that we’re not going to stand by and allow these kind of things to happen to our citizens,” Nantambu said.

He said he hopes that by taking action, it will shine a light on any injustices moving forward.

“Anytime you have a police officer or any kind of law enforcement officer, or any kind of civil servant that has some kind of penchant for wanting to be involved in an activity…something is very wrong with that,” Nantambu said.

The group said they are leaving the complaint open to those who may want to also sign their names on the list at The Temple of Truth, Light, and Life Church.

Community Relations Service serves as “America’s Peacemaker” for communities in conflict by mediating disputes.

The federal agency also offers training and consultation to help communities prevent and resolve future conflicts.

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