Local high school alum reunited with class ring 40 years, five states, and four countries later

WHITEVILLE, NC (WWAY) — A Whiteville High School alumni lost her class ring halfway around the world. Now, it’s made its way back after almost four decades, two countries, and five states.

Sherry Mack graduated from Whiteville High in 1974, losing her ring 10 years later while stationed at Scotland’s navy base.

“When I got home, and I was going through my things, I told my mama I think I’ve lost my class ring,” Mack remembers. “She said ok. Maybe one day somebody will return it to you if they find it. And I never thought anything about that. You know, I thought about it when she called and texted me. And I said, will you look at this? Mom was right.”

Thursday, the high school received a letter from Nick Greer with the ring, explaining how he’d found the ring in a Scotland taxi while in the Navy.

Greer stashed the ring away and eventually moved back to the U.S., living in five different states over almost four decades before finally settling in California. He found the ring while cleaning out his desk, and decided to send it back. From there, school administrator Brooke Jacobs investigated.

“It had the initials on the inside of the ring,” said Jacobs. “And I was able to get a 1974 yearbook from the school and found the person that had those initials.”

Monday, Mack and her ring were reunited almost four decades later.

“I’ve got nerves,” she said. “I’m shaking. Look at that. Wow.”

Since graduating, Mack has lived around the world, battled a brain tumor, and finally settled in Hope Mills, North Carolina after serving in the Navy.

“I finished high school. I finished college, not in four years, but three. And I finished 30 years in the military. 20 active. 10 in the reserves.”

Monday, Mack came full circle with the ring that kicked off her adventures. She says she’s thankful for the journey and the man who sent her ring back.

“Thank you very much. I’m not sure if he’s still in the military, or not, but a vet helps another vet out. And I really appreciate that.”

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