Local hobby farm in Castle Hayne to be featured on Martha Stewart’s Show

CASTLE HAYNE, NC (WWAY) —One local hobby farm is being featured on Martha Stewart’s Show, “Martha Gets Down and Dirty” on Discover+.

Heather Ohm-Fisher and her husband Dave own a hobby farm named Wild Hearts Farm, in Castle Hayne. The couple recently took up farming in January of last year, and decided to document their journey of their developing hobby farm on Instagram.

“On the weekends and in the evenings, we like to take care of the chickens and the goats. So, we’re just kind of beginning. We’ve got the garden as well, and the greenhouse, so we like to try to grow our own fruits and vegetables organically,” said Heather Ohm-Fisher, co-owner of Wild Hearts Farm.

Heather said they were surprised when they were contacted by a production company, and were asked to submit videos and questions they would want to ask an expert on farming tips and tricks.

They didn’t know they were submitting the information for a chance to speak with Martha Stewart directly and be featured on her show “Martha Gets Down and Dirty” on Discovery+.

“I really didn’t expect it. In fact, when I first got the request I thought, ‘is this a scam, what is this, this is kind of weird’, and I wasn’t sure of it, and then it became more legitimate after I started to submit some of the videos and some of the things they had asked for, and then it became reality, when they said you were selected,” said Heather Ohm-Fisher.

On the show, Stewart teaches fans, and fellow celebrities how she tends to her 150-acre farm in Bedford, New York, and Heather said Stewart offered great tips for their up and coming hobby farm.

“She gave me some great tips on the chickens. Asked a lot about where we live, and when we moved into our farm, what we have so far on our hobby farm, and just what we like to on the hobby farm, and she told us a little bit about her farm as well,” said Heather Ohm-Fisher. “If you’ve seen the show, ‘Martha gets down and dirty’, it’s very entertaining and she does a lot of things from growing in her greenhouse, to keeping the chickens, and all kinds of other stuff on her farm.”

Heather said it was an experience she will never forget.

“It was just, it was an experience that most people never get, just having that Zoom call with her for 20 minutes.”

Wild Hearts Farm will be featured on “Martha Gets Down and Dirty” on Discovery+ plus on Thursday, July 15.

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