Local organization packages and delivers work packets to children without internet access

NEW HANOVER COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — Although the coronavirus has kept children out of classrooms, some have taken matters into their own hands.

The Give Global Organization, or G2 has been delivering schoolwork to students who otherwise would not be able to get their assignments.

G2 is an organization of youth volunteers from Hoggard High School and Cape Fear Academy who raise money, buy supplies, deliver materials directly to children in need and more.

“We’ve done missions in Kenya. We’ve done them in Sri Lanka, as well as Croatia, and Haiti, and multiple other countries,” Youth President Quaid Sutherland stated.

But for the past month, they have been delivering school work to Mary C. Williams Elementary students who do not have internet access.

Principal Amy Oots said their help has given staff more time to focus on other duties.

“Our social workers were out doing it originally, but then of course that was taking them away from their real duties, so when the high school kids ended up taking over, it’s just been a great deal of help to us,” Oots said.

Oots said she could not give up on any of her students, which is why teachers created paper and pencil work packets.

“And we ended up coming up with some routes and delivering them…the online learning is preferable. We really wanted everybody online, but also we have to understand where our students are and the challenges of their families, and we have to respond to them,” Oots said. “They don’t need to respond to us.”

Adult G2 President Laura Sutherland said they help about 90 kids a week.

“The group is super excited because books arrived, so the kids are going to be really thrilled to see a couple reading books in with their homework packet,” Sutherland said.

Sutherland added that any student can get involved. You can email the organization at: g2giveglobal@gmail.com

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