Local reaction on Perdue’s consideration of gambling

Wilmington, NC (WWAY) — During the governors media roundtable discussion Wednesday Governor Bev Perdue made a very bold statement regarding gambling and video gaming in North Carolina.

“Everything is on the table now,” said Governor Bev Perdue. “I mean everything, literally everything legal is on the table now.”

At a time when the state faces a 3 billion dollar deficit, Perdue made it clear she’s looking everywhere to make that money up, even if it means going back on certain issues like gambling and video gaming.

“I’m looking at the numbers. I’m looking if we can do it safely,” said Perdue. “I do not want to be the gambling state of America. I don’t want to be Las Vegas but I am concerned with video poker. It’s been hard to kill and it just pops up in another form.”

Earlier this year the governor signed a law into place banning some sweepstakes games. Despite the new law sweepstakes café owners found a loophole allowing them to continue using certain games.

“If it’s going to be popping up we might as well regulate it and make sure that it’s at least fare and legal,” said Perdue.

Here in the Cape Fear the governor’s latest comments did not surprise sweepstakes employees.

“I thought she would come back and say something totally different,” said Lucky Sweepstakes employee, Jennifer Jackson.

Jackson has worked at Lucky Sweepstakes in Wilmington for more than a year. Familiar with the video gaming debate, she says recently business has fallen by more than 60 percent.

Study’s for the National Gambling Impact Study Commission point out that economic growth differs from state to state producing a mixture of outcomes. Though it may take a while until the governor makes a decision; those currently making a living on the video gaming industry are wishing for the best.

“Hopefully she’ll change her mind and see that we need the jobs,” said Jackson.

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